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Sheena Roy is contracted as a tutor for Madame Khambatta, a well off seventy-year-old woman, by her put stock in venture investor. The plot thickens and the genuine rationale of each character is uncovered when the venture financier powers Sheena to enjoy a sexual association with him.

Aksar 2 begins on the correct note when Sheena Roy (Zareen Khan) is employed by speculation broker, Patrick Sharma (Gautam Rode) to deal with Miss Khambatta (Lillete Dubey), whose past guardian meets with a mishap and lapses. While Sheena has a beau, (Abhinav Shukla) she deceives Patrick about being single. At the point when Patrick compels her to enjoy a sexual relationship, Sheena uncovers her actual self. This terrains Patrick wrecked as he understands that he isn't the special case who is concealing his genuine thought processes.

Zareen Khan in the part of the tutor with ulterior thought processes is great in parts. Then again, Gautam Rode in his introduction on the extra large screen, appears to be a one trap horse with not very numerous articulations in plain view, despite the fact that he gets the opportunity to play a charcater with more than one shade. Lillete Dubey as the matured Madame Khambatta conveys a deliberate execution. Abhinav Shukla as Ricky does as well as can be expected with his constrained character draw. Mohit Madaan as Madame Khambatta's driver is capable. Cricketer S Sreesanth who winds up on another pitch as Madame Khambatta's legal advisor scores in his introduction excursion on screen.

Chief Ananth Narayan Mahadevan figures out how to guide the movie's account the correct way, packed with interest in the principal half. Yet, the second half with its incalculable wanders aimlessly proposed to keep the watchers snared doesn't figure out how to do as such. The peak is unsurprising and the account towards the end loosens with the consideration of a tune. Aksar 2 is a film that starts well, yet rapidly disintegrates to a final turning point.

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