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Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra uncovers what her Parents think about herassociation with Puneesh

Bandgi Kalra has returned from the padosi house in the wake of investing some quality energy with playmate Puneesh Sharma. The unscripted television star says she holds no feelings of resentment against anybody now-including Hina Khan- - after her visit to the padosi house and meeting the mothers of the challengers.
Despite the fact that she would need Puneesh to win the show, however in the event that not him she would need either Shilpa or Vikas to be the champ.

She converses with India Today online in an elite discussion.

How's life after Bigg Boss 11?

All of it has changed, for better. I live alongside a shopping center and used to visit it notwithstanding for the littlest of things. Presently in the event that I need to go for something earnest, individuals accumulate around me and it takes hours. You can't state no to them, since they have bolstered you. In any case, I like it.
How was it meeting with Puneesh after so long?

I was so cheerful and eager to meet him that I neglected to wish him glad birthday. On his birthday, I sat tight to meet him for the whole day, yet they didn't permit me. Following day, when we really met, I neglected to wish him. Each and every mother wished him, and I overlooked.

Who are your most loved challengers now of time?

Subsequent to returning from the padosi house, my perspectives have changed totally. Presently I cherish them more. Whatever issues I had with Hina, I have overlooked them all subsequent to meeting her playmate Rocky. Truly, I will feel terrible for any individual who gets disposed of now.

Now of time everyone is solid. I am particularly content with the way Puneesh is taking care of circumstances. He is demonstrating his fun side too which is great. It's an alternate identity out and out for me.
Shouldn't something be said about the eventual fate of your association with Puneesh. Have you talked about it with your folks?

About feasible arrangements, we will discuss in future as it were. At the present time, we will concentrate on vocation. They (guardians) were soliciting me what kind from a man he is. A few things they like about him, a few things they didn't. The way I know him they don't. They watch him just for 40 minutes. Give him a chance to turn out and after that they will see with their own eyes.

Did your Parents have any issue with respect to the way your relationship was depicted on cameras?

Father is a father, thodi issue sabko hoti hai. Aisa kuch nahi hai jaisa depict hua tha. I have met Puneesh's mother and she's a sweet heart.

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