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STORY: Con craftsmen Sanaaya Savitri (Gurleen Chopra) and her Mamu target rich, sex denied men for doing their pernicious coercion designs where Sanaaya utilizes her excellence to misuse them. Days before retirement, the pair set out to hoodwink a well off precious stone trader yet the arrangement turns out badly.


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When a solitary, unpleasant tycoon Rangeela Awasthi (Rajesh Sharma) is given the proposition to wed a young lady, who's at the pinnacle of her childhood, he snatches it with the two hands. Their first gathering, with a high measurement of show and weighed down with sexual allusions, moves to his room in the wink of an eye. Normally, the heist goes smooth as spread. Content with the riches they have amassed throughout the years, organizer Mamu wheedles his niece into stopping their life of wrongdoing to begin her very own group.

This extortionist flick is an entirety of all other con-meets-trick motion pictures that we have just observed; just that this one is trickled in average quality. Chief essayist Paresh Savani has butchered the officially easygoing content with beneath normal bearing, and the use of uber-counterfeit props in the film has added to its situation. With a messy story close by, on-screen characters Rajesh Sharma, Yashpal Sharma and Gurleen Chopra had next to no degree to grandstand their acting capacities.

There a couple of amazement components tossed in at customary interims, which don't take anybody aback by any means. The foundation score and general music, as well, is one excruciating tune you would not murmur to. Generally speaking, 'Game Over' is an easy decision and abandons you in parts, and it should be a spine chiller. Figure it out!

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